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In this PE Bible review, I’ll try to give you an accurate clue on what you should (and shouldn’t) expect from this product.

  • Name: Penis Enlargement Bible
  • Official Website:
  • Author/Creator: John Collins
  • Length:  94 Pages Long
  • Price: Only $47

The Penis Enlargement (PE) Bible is a collection of penis enlargement techniques, authored and compiled by John Collins. It contains natural techniques which have been clinically-tested and verified to be suitable. Thousands of men from various parts of the world further agree that this two-step program is ideal and effective.

John Collins conceived the PE Bible after an intensive research and study on penis enlargement. He compiled this program specifically for guys that seek to enlarge their penis permanently without having to use any pills, stretchers, or pumps. It’s pretty different from other popular methods which provide little increments that are usually temporary. Others tend to bring about unwanted effects.

The PE Bible is widely recommended as ideal for those that can’t afford the extremely high costs associated with penis enlargement surgery. For instance, some surgical processes will easily cost over $3,000, with the follow-up formalities costing well over $15,000.

I personally recommend going with natural methods rather than undergoing surgery. The PE Bible employs natural techniques that have almost zero side effects. Besides, all that’s offered for relatively way too less when compared with penis enlargement surgical procedures.

About the Author: John Collins

The PE Bible has been created and authored by John Collins. He’s a professional sex researcher, lead consultant, and educator. Aside from that, he has multiple years of experience helping treat male sexual dysfunction.

John has gained commendable expertise and knowledge in the many years he’s been studying and researching on such subjects. That has put him in a position where he’s able to provide lots of valuable advice on issues relating to men’s sexual health.

What’s the PE Bible Based On?

This two-step program comprises safe and natural methods which are further backed by scientific research. It’s primarily based on two factors/steps as explained below:

(I) Biological Factor

The PE Bible is primarily based on the standard process of human growth. Multiple scientific case studies and research hint that post-puberty increase in size is possible, as long as the body gets the right nutrients and proper exercise.

Your penis definitely grew larger during the puberty period without doing anything on your part. You didn’t undergo any surgical treatment for that to happen, right? It was all natural. You also didn’t require any tablet, pump, or extender.

A certain chain reaction, involving certain biochemicals, occurred in your body during that time. That stimulated your body receptors, hence triggering steady penis growth. However, all that stopped once the puberty period ended and you were mature.

The PE Bible is based on the idea of rebooting the chain aforementioned chain reaction. It’s entirely nothing new and doesn’t incorporate anything unnatural. A such, this program ensures none of its elements will work against the human body.

It entails putting the chain links back in place in order to stimulate the chain reactions. But, that’s not as simple as it sounds. So, don’t think the PE Bible will help enlarge your penis overnight.

(II) Mechanical Factor

There’s a mechanical aspect to the PE Bible program, as well. Note that workouts alone won’t have any significant impact on your penis’ size as most people are inclined to believe. You’re surely aware of that if you’ve tried that before.

The PE Bible program includes various jelqing and stretching penile exercises which will require you to make use of your hands. These are great since they act as a natural accelerator to the key process of growth. But, I will delve deeper into that later.

NOTE: The two principles explained above are formulated to work in tandem to help grow your penis. The result is an inch after inch development. And, while the key focus here is the penile enhancement, these principals are beneficial in a broad variety of ways beyond just penis enlargement.

Chapters In PE Bible

In pages 1-8, you have all the useless intro that you have in any book, but in few of those pages, John outlines the crucial elements which lead to satisfying your partner. And he even goes further and defines the most significant of these elements, things such as:

  • Penis Length
  • Penis Girth
  • Penis Hardness
  • Upright Erection
  • Ejaculation Control (Stamina)

Chapter 1: Gaining & Maintaining a Hard and Sensitive Penis

Pages 9-16 speak about how you can maintain erection strength even as you grow older. It reveals the specific methods that help activate hormonal interactions to reboot penile growth. Also, Johns covers how one can increase blood volume within his penis.

You’ll find several ways through which you can stimulate Dihydro-testosterone (DHT) production. DHT ( is the primary biochemical which will help trigger your penis’ growth.

John ends this chapter by listing vital nutrients you’ll need to achieve a rock-hard erection. These include clean Oxygen, Iron, Phosphorous, a good mineral/multi-vitamin formula, and protein-rich foods.

Chapter 2 – Start Penis Growth

Page 17-48

Here, you’ll learn three nutrients that are crucial for dick growth. These are further backed by scientific research as the healthiest penis growth enhancers. John Collins also describes natural supplements to enhance your intake of these nutrients. It’s impossible to increase your penis’ size without the aforementioned nutrients, regardless of what other supplements (s) you use or how much (and which) exercise you do.

Additionally, you’ll learn various forms of penile exercise, including three (beginner) and eight (advanced) techniques. These are conveniently very specific and simple-to-follow. They have been proven to be quite essential and effective when it comes down to penis growth.

John also includes a handy penis exercise schedule. He asserts that he personally followed it to increase both the length and girth of his penis.

Chapter 3 – End Premature Ejaculation

Page 49-60

In this chapter, John reveals rarely discussed truths and stats regarding premature ejaculation. He goes ahead to explain the main factors which bring about premature ejaculation, including masturbation, stress, and anxiety. Others include substances which most of us take each day!

He ends this section by discussing ways in which you can decrease the impact of the said factors. By the end of this chapter, you’ll get to learn how you can enhance your control over ejaculation and improve your stamina. You’ll definitely benefit quite a lot here in case you suffer from problems like premature ejaculation.

Chapter 4 – Increase Ejaculate Volume

Page 61-63

While it’s the shortest chapter of the PE Bible, you’ll find extremely helpful information. Here, John brings a barely known factor to light. He points out at an unexpected substance which stops the sperms from getting thick and heavy. That’s essentially what lowers one’s ejaculate volume.

On average, the volume is approximately one tablespoon. John discusses how you can crank that up to over three tablespoons. On reading further, you get to know about vital nutrients which will help increase both your sperms’ travel distance, in addition to the ejaculation volume.

Chapter 5 – Chinese Herbal Supplements

Page 64-78

This chapter reveals over 20 natural Chinese herbs which will contribute significantly towards your penis’ growth, along with detailed overviews and instructions on how they ought to be used. John delves deeper into the health benefits these herbs have to offer. You’ll also learn how they will essentially work in enlarging and thickening your penis.

Chapter 6 – Western Supplements

Page 79-88

This section is among my favorite chapters of this program. You’ll find it extremely handy if you’re seeking supplements that can help increase and enhance your penis’ shape and size quickly.

Here, John reveals seven unique and readily available supplements and proves how they can speed up penis enlargement, in addition to increasing the size. In turn, using them will help you achieve an even more powerful erection. Your partner will orgasm over and over again.

Chapter 7 – Table of References

Page 89-94

The last chapter provides an overview of all nutrients, minerals, and supplements discussed in earlier chapters. And yes, the section does have its own value. In case you miss any important information highlighted from the previous chapters, you’ll find a quick review of the same from this section.

What Supplements are Included in the PE Bible?

In Chapter 5 in PE Bible, you’ll find the first set of supplements you don’t really need, so don’t spend your money on. But if you want to know what’s inside the list, I can tell you that the supplements he writes about are mainly organic, Asian herbs. This section also consists of brief overviews and in-depth guidelines on how to utilize these herbal supplements to help increase both the girth and length of your penis.

The second set of supplements is nicely outlined in Chapter (VI). These mainly comprise the ‘more accessible’ Western penis enlargement supplements. Additionally, Chapter (VII) provides a handy table of references. Here, you’ll find further guidelines on the safe intake amounts of the recommended supplements.

By using these supplements, you won’t need to use anything else to prolong the program’s effects. Also, they help ensure the results are permanent. And, you’ll barely note any signs of growth recession on your penis.

What Exercises are Included in the PE Bible?

The PE Bible exercise section is very thorough, providing lots of simple-to-do exercises. Many variations are mentioned in the program. These include:

-Warming up & down exercises

-Basic & advanced stretching workouts

-Basic & advanced jelqing and kegel exercises

The various exercises included in the PE Bible form a progressive multiple-week training program. These aid in speeding up penis enlargement. And, they’re indisputably effective at it.

Remember, the program works by reigniting the biochemical reactions that occur during the puberty stage. John Collins’ recommended exercises work by holding the biochemicals in the human penis for longer. The longer they’re held, the quicker your penis will grow.

These techniques also force the cells located in the tissue (corpora cavernosa) within the penis to undergo mitosis. In response to these exercises, the cells grow, hence increasing the size of the penis itself.

It’s actually something that personally took me long to figure out. I somewhat regret that I didn’t understand this concept early on since I wouldn’t have wasted much effort, time, and a significant deal of money on junk products out there.

What you’ll learn from John’s program is that your penis will only grow longer if you go with your body and not against it. And, that should all be natural.

How Long Will It Take to Achieve Results?

Natural penis enlargement methods are popularly believed to take longer to provide results. And, that could be understandable. They would take a little longer since they’re not a ‘magical’ solution. Although the PE Bible program employs natural techniques only, you’ll start getting results within the minimum time possible.

John Collins makes that possible by revealing penis enlargement methods which are not only natural and safe but also quite effective. However, the exact time frame within which one might take to start realizing results depends on multiple factors.

Some reported having taken as little as eight weeks to start noticing results while, for some, it took fourteen weeks. If you wish to achieve even quicker results, exercise regularly and lead a healthier lifestyle, on top of heeding John’s advice.

Extra Bonuses You Get Here

John Collins offers two free extras to accompany the main 94-page eBook. Here’s a brief highlight of these bonuses:

I. Larger than Life Exercise Guide (Value: $25)

It’s basically an ultimate penis exercise plan. It’ll guide you on how you ought to perform penis exercises. He makes it even more convenient by including demonstrative images.

II. ‘What Not to Do’ Guide for Better Sex (Value: $34)

It comprises 40 fantastic sex tips. These will guide you on what you shouldn’t do to ensure your partner gets the pleasure she deserves.

Does the PE Bible Really Work?

The author claims that this two-step program can help one grow his penis up to 4 inches longer and 1 inch wider within just eight weeks. But, that’s just a fabrication, according to me.

Yes, anyone seeking to enjoy the psychological and physical benefits of a larger penis can benefit from the PE Bible. However, know that the average user doesn’t get an increase of such magnitude. While I’d not advise you to expect growth exceeding two inches, I’m not saying it’s impossible. Besides, any increase/growth at all should be a positive thing, right?

In addition to the above, I’d not recommend the PE Bible program if you’re the lazy kind of guys that are just too busy to apply any effort towards it. It’s no magic wand. Success requires a significant deal of time and dedication.

Case in point, when using this program, the first four weeks were just boring. It suggested that I do its ‘routine’ for 8-10 minutes each day. I barely noticed much difference. I believe the changes were too gradual to actually notice on a daily basis.

So, consider getting the PE Bible only if you’re seriously seeking to increase your penis’ size and willing to play your part. It’s not a scam.

Is the PE Bible Program Safe?

Among the most fantastic things about this program is that the recommended exercises are completely natural. That implies you won’t need to rely on pumps, pills, and extenders which often have potentially harmful side effects.

The alarm bells might start ringing when it comes to the ‘supplements’ part. But, John Collins is quite frank regarding the same. He includes a warning that the supplements increase hormones which might have side effects like prostate enlargement, baldness, and premature ejaculation.

You need not worry, though. The author goes ahead to advise on the specific foods you’ll need to take to stop such problems from occurring.

How To Download PE Bible?

Sure, John Collins’ landing page ( seems much like just another spam trap. But, the entire buying process is hassle-free. The PE Bible is availed electronically. You can download right onto your PC, smartphone, or tablet. You’ll then be able to read it from nearly anywhere you desire.

John presents this program in conveniently simple English words which you’ll easily understand. That helps make the content useful even to less-educated users.

Follow the simple steps outlined below to get your copy of the program:

I. Visit the official Penis Enlargement (PE) Bible website (

II. Scroll down and click on the ‘Download Now’ button.

III. Provide your correct email address as prompted.

IV. Select your preferred means of payment. Multiple payment options are accepted, including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.

V. Upon authorizing the payment, you’ll get a billing statement, showing you were charged by

VI. Your copy of the PE Bible will be instantly sent to your email address.

VII. Head to your email account to download the eBook you’ve just ordered.

PE Bible FAQs

1. Do I have to take supplements in any form of pills?

The program doesn’t require one to take any penile enhancement pills. But, you’ll need to include various nutritional supplements in your diet. These are mainly natural extracts from certain plants, roots, seeds, and fruits. It’s basically what you could easily find at your local grocery store.

2. Why is the PE Bible priced so low?

In the male enhancement niche, you’ll find that most products tend to cost hundreds (sometimes, thousands) of dollars. And, that has been making many people a bit concerned about the low price of John Collins’ PE Bible. But, not everything needs to be costly.

Realize that while you’ll get enormous value, what you’re purchasing is essentially an eBook (a PDF file). As such, he doesn’t need to set it at a high price so as to earn a profit. His aim is to provide an ideal solution that doesn’t prompt one to break the bank.

3. What should I do if John isn’t responding to my email messages?

Although it’s extremely rare, several reasons explain why that could happen. In most cases, your emails could be ending up in the SPAM folder. And, you can minimize the chances of that happening by doing various things.

These include avoiding inclusion of links when sending your message(s). You can also try referring to his product using the term ‘PE Bible’ or ‘PEB’ rather than the whole name. In case everything else doesn’t help, you can try sending him an email from another account/provider.

Lessons from My Personal Experience with the PE Bible

I. Follow John Collins’ instructions to the letter and to the end. Many guys tend to get halfway and begin wondering why they’re not realizing the results they desire. Don’t raise your expectations too high. You won’t get results just a week after starting out the program. You need to commit.

II. To win the race, be slow and steady. I recommend that you refrain from overdoing anything. Don’t squeeze or apply too much pressure during the exercises. And, in case you get sore, it’ll be perfectly okay to take the day off.

III. Don’t freak out if you find you’re losing a little length. At times, you might lose some length while your phallus grows and recovers from the exercises. It’ll especially be the case when you overwork it. It needs not be a reason for worry, though. You’ll recover the lost length in no time.

IV. It doesn’t hurt to track your progress. Nothing keeps one motivated than noting some gains in length/girth over time.

Is the PE Bible Worth Investing In? (Cost Vs. Value)

  • V – The program guarantees results that are PERMANENT and SAFE.
  • V – It helps attain a STRONG and LONG ERECTION.
  • V – It boasts a REMARKABLE SUCCESS RATE of over 95%.
  • V – It’s wholly based on and BACKED BY SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH.
  • V – It’s conveniently AFFORDABLE.
  • X – He tries to sell you supplements you don’t really need.
  • X – You can’t download the ebook (available only online).

Low cost and high value are the terms that would best describe this program. The overall value this eBook offers is incredibly great for such a price. What astonished me, even more, is the fact that it’s relatively cheaper than most of the ‘junk’ and so-called ‘magic’ solutions flooding the market.

It’s practically free when compared to other penis enlargement methods such as surgery (over $10,000), pumps ($150 plus), and extenders ($200 plus). At first, the price tempted me into writing this program off as just another hoax. But, the results were actually surprising.

The PE Bible presents you with an opportunity to address your penis size problem naturally and without anyone else needing to know. You’ll simply download it using any Internet-enabled device and use the information as secretly as you deem possible.

In case you have any concern/issue regarding the program, you’ll be happy to know that John Collins actually responds to all emails. You’ll just need to reach out to him, outlining your concern, and you’ll have it addressed in no time. He provides lifetime support upon purchasing the PE Bible.

The Penis Enlargement Bible is among the most popular programs on this subject and it’s being marketed as an effective and clinically-proven penis enlarger and there is a lot of buzz around this product.

So let’s start with the fact is the Penis Enlargement Bible as a system, but some of the methods in this program are clinically-proven to work and I can tell that except one chapter of this book, every this there is reported to work on all of the biggest penis enlargement forums.

Overall, this program is defiantly something you should consider to give a try!

Risk Free 100% Money Back 60 Day Refund Policy

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed: If you want a step by step guide to help you permanently enlarge your penis then you need to give this system a try. They have 60 day money back guarantee, which means you can simply request a refund for any you’ll get your money (no questions asked).

1 review for Penis Enlargement Bible

  1. Rated 3 out of 5


    This book has some good information in it but I would not say it’s the best book I have ever seen in the market.

    I really didn’t like how the guy who wrote it is trying to make you buy male enhancement pills in the book (like most of the pages there), when in reality you don’t really need male enhancement pills.

    If you ask me, the chapter in the book SIX SEX SECRETS about penis empowerment has in it more value about penis enlargement then this book.

    The book is ok, but I’ll definitely don’t recommend to buy it.

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