Kiiroo Onyx 2

Just a few years ago, hardly anyone thought it would be possible to masturbate without using your hands. Now, technological advancements have made it possible thanks to devices like Kiiroo ONYX and the Fleshlight Launch.

What’s in the BOX?

After you order it here it will arrive to your home and this is what you’ll find inside:

• The Kiiroo ONYX device.• USB Cable for charging.• A lubricant sample.• An authentication card.• Information guide.

Just in case you wonder, the exterior of the ONYX is made from tough ABS plastic and the sleeve is made of silicon.

After holding it in my hands I can tell you that it looks like a cool tech gadget that you can easily place on your nightstand and almost nobody will guess that it’s a sex toy.


  • Speed: Up to 140 strokes per minute
  • Materials: ABS, POM
  • Sleeve: Fleshlight™ SuperSkin™
  • Size: 8.9×7.9×26.3cm
  • Hole diameter: 4.5x4cm
  • Internal length: 16.5cm
  • Weight: 1.3kg for (device + USB + Box)
  • Battery: Lithium-ion Polymer 1000 mAh
  • Use time: 1 hour

Some Important Pointers:

  • It’s NOT Waterproof: You can only wash the sleeve part with water after using it. If you have to clean the exterior, only use wet wipes or a damp piece of cloth (don’t use it in the shower).
  • 4 Hours Charge: Based on my testing, you need to charge it for at least 4 hours to use it for one hour (When it’s about to run out of charge and only has around 5 minutes to go, it flashes).
  • AUTHENTICATION CARD: Don’t throw away the authentication card because you’ll need it to use the warranty and it contains the registration details for the Kiiroo platform.

How to use Your ONYX Like A Pro?

Before you buy it, make sure that your PC is compatible with this toy:

  • Your PC should be running on Windows 7, 8, or 10.
  • It must have a Bluetooth 4.0 or later versions.

I suggest that you download here the full manual that will teach you how to register it, how to use it, how to clean it and much more!

3 Ways To Use Kiiroo ONYX:

  1. As a standalone device.
  2. With interactive videos.
  3. Paired with other Kiiroo devices.

1. Using Kiiroo ONYX Manually

There are three modes of operating the Kiiroo ONYX manually:

The manual mode is an exciting feature because the Kiiroo ONYX has a touchpad on the side, all you have to do is slide your finger on the touchpad back and forth. The speed of the contractions is dictated by the speed with which you move your finger.

If you’ll take a look inside you’ll discover that the sleeve has contracting rings that contract sequentially (like a wave) to simulate the thrusting motion of a real penetration

The rings contract individually and the tightness of the grip depends on where the touchpad is facing (in manual mode).

If the touchpad is facing up, the rings have a loose grip and when the touchpad faces to the side, the grip is tighter.

You can also use it either in fast pump mode or slow pump mode. These two modes are pretty much self-explanatory; the fast mode simulates quick thrusting and the slow mode mimics slow thrusting.

You can set it to set the mode automatically. Unfortunately, it is not set properly and it begins with fast, the slow. Ideally, if you ask me, it should go vice versa.

If you connect two ONYX devices, the manual mode on one of them can be used to control the contractions on the other device.

2. Using Kiiroo ONYX with Interactive Videos

This is one of the exciting features of the ONYX and you can find this option in the Pleasure Hub.

If you couple that with VR, it will give you an immersive experience that feels like you are an active participant in the act (without even moving).

Basically, when you connect the device with an interactive video stream, everything that the girl does in the video is relayed to your device in real time.

Note: It does not work with every video you find online, only interactive videos are programmed to make this device work with them, and it works particularly well with blowjob videos!

There are dedicated websites that have Kiiroo-compatible videos, and every day more and more videos are being added, so don’t worry about running out of good videos to enjoy your ONYX with.

Perhaps the one downside to this is that “ONYX-programmed” content available at the moment does not cater for a wide range of tastes and fetishes (like you can find on Pornhub).

3. Using with Kiiroo PEARL

Long-distance relationships really suck because they involve a lot of talking with zero action. If you and your partner are far from each other, you can still have

What I like About It?

  • Can be used with interactive porn and VR.
  • It’s a great long-distance relationship sex toy.
  • Has a sleek discreet design.
  • The platform has interactive features.
  • Can also work manually with the touchpad.
  • A good quality material in the sleeve.
  • It works wirelessly and it’s refreshing.
  • Can be recharged = no need to buy batteries.

What I didn’t Like?

  • The Kiiroo platform text box is erratic. It doesn’t scroll down as you type and at some point, you can’t see what you are typing. That is a real bummer as you can’t spot typos.
  • The ONYX is rather too noisy for some people’s tastes. It produces a mechanical sound that is not very desirable. If you like being discreet about your own personal activities, you will find this rather inconvenient.
  • You may have trouble climaxing. As we have seen, the ONYX works by massaging the penis with contracting rings. There are some people who this works for perfectly. However, a good number of people are used to the thrusting motion of in and out and may not reach orgasm using the ONYX. The device gently squeezes the penis and the lack of thrust makes it impossible for some to get off to it. It lacks the intensity of traditional masturbators since the only way most men reach climax is through thrusting motion.
  • Another downside is the shortage of ONYX-optimized videos. You can say that there lacks diversity of content when it comes to this area. People have very widely varying tastes and some feel a bit left out because there may be not enough videos that cater to their unique preferences.
  • It is not fully waterproof and it is a bit bulky if you ask me.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use it with regular porn?

Yes. However, you have to use manual stimulation by sliding your finger on the touch-pad. For automatic, hands-free stimulation, you are restricted to the configured ones.

How long can it be used?

If maintained properly, it can be used over a long period of time. The battery will decline in time though.

Can two ONYX be paired?

Yes, they can.

Where can I buy it?

The official Kiiroo website. Make sure you use the coupon you can find in the end of this review (scroll down).


Almost nobody talks about this online, but you can also get a special ONYX that is signed personally by your favorite porn start (if that is your thing). You can find them on the official site on this page to learn more about each one, and here is the available ONYX 2 version Kiiroo Girls:







Kiiroo ONYX is a new product that has immense potential. It has brought a new perspective to how we look at masturbation and cybersex. We have established that if you integrate it with Virtual Reality, you can have better experiences that are closer to “the real thing” than it was ever conceivable.

There are a few flaws that the makers have to work on in order to bring everyone on board. The content makers are only just coming to terms with the technology; therefore, with time more content will be made to be used with the Kiiroo ONYX. The future is bright and hopeful.




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